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If you or your company are facing a crisis, or have negative reviews and articles written about you online then you need help. With so many different companies offering different services it can be difficult to know what you should ask for. It is important, when considering which agency to go for, to consider certain things about them and what they do. Here are some important reputation management questions:

- Do you need positive content promotion? If so, where will the content for this come from?
- Can the negative content be removed?
- Is this done from the website itself or from Google? 
- How much do they charge? Do you have to pay upfront or monthly or a one-off cost?
- Is it guaranteed in any way?
- What kind of contract do you have to sign?
- How long will the work take?
- Will the result be permanent, and if not how long will it last before it requires maintenance?
- What kind of team do they have to work with and where are they based?

For answers to these questions, visit the Pure Reputation agency website, and find out more about online reputation management and what is right for you. Follow Pure Reputation on Twitter for our latest industry news and updates and watch our company video here:

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  1. Hi Pure Reputation I am an journalist working with a magazine but leaving the office job as I want to work online and be a CEO of my onwn. Your articles are ahhh-mazing and inspiring and somehow encouraged me to move ahead with my objective with reputation management. Please guide me!

  2. Hi Pure Reputation your contents are dope. Btw, with online reputation, does online deedbacks and rating Matters?