Pure Reputation for Personal Reputation Management


Pure Reputation is an online reputation management company based in London. We have years of experience working with persons around the world to improve their online reputations. We can also establish your name so that people can find you easily. If you want to be forgotten, we can help with that too. There is no doubt that in this advanced age of the world-wide web, people are now fond of searching a person via Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and the list goes on. We are pretty sure you have heard stories where a person wasn’t hired or was fired due to what was discovered on search results pages and the social media.

This is where personal reputation management comes in. Monitoring and building your online persona can easily start with Pure Reputation. We are experts in removing third party content with the approval of Google and the affected website itself. We will control your Google reviews and place you and your business on Google Maps. We can also replace existing news stories with new ones, to refresh your online presence. We also provide monitoring services and when a negative content comes up, you will be first to know and we will try to suppress and delete them.

Our custom-built Removal Management Suite allows you to log in and track the negative content removal as it happens. Our personal reputation management package includes ongoing and separate to negative review removal, which we handle on a page-by-page basis. we ensure that you own all the positive social media, blogs, and other pages that take the place of the removed negative content, keeping you in control at all times.

We also offer Google Suggest repairs. We remove negative suggestions like ‘scam’, ‘complains’ and ‘fraud’ which will send your target audience to pages that show fake and bad news about you. Pure Reputation offers a Google Suggest repair service designed to remove the negative suggested searches for your name. This can be done for your personal reputation and can be done in a few weeks for a one-off fee. We work closely with you ensuring only the right terms are suggested.

Usually, when people search for your name on Google, the search results include images and videos related to you. If these images are private, unwanted and defamatory, Pure Reputation can take them down for you.

Talk to us about what needs to be done today. Visit the Pure Reputation website and fill out our contact form. You can also chat with us on our website. Find out more about Pure Reputation agency on LinkedIn and contact our team of experts on the Pure Reputation online reputation management website today. Don’t bury your head in the sand. Get the right people on the job. Learn more on our personal reputation management page here.

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