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Pure Reputation are an online reputation management company that specialises in removing bad reviews and negative Google Suggestions. We work with personal clients, companies globally to ensure they have a clean slate online. We also work with other marketing agencies including PR companies, PPC and SEO agencies and even law firms to help their clients reputations.

Here is a review sent to us by one of our clients. They are a wealth management firm based in Leed.

After using Pure Reputation for the last two months are very pleased with the fast results and took the time to review them online. We used them to remove bad press online about us for years ago, as well as some reviews on Google. We didn't even think it could be done without a court order but the whole process was hassle free. using them was the best decision I could have made! Business has never been better now we can have some control over what appears about us on the internet. 

- Francis, Marketing Manager

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